Some brides do have bridesmaids that they are particularly not close to. It could be that you asked one of the groomsmen’s girlfriends to be a bridesmaid because you wanted an even number of attendants or who knows for what other reason. But then you get to a point where you regret this decision because you don’t know her well enough, even though she is a lovely person. Brides mostly choose best friends or cousins to be bridesmaids, people dearest to you, your girl squad – most brides do not feel okay with looking back and wondering why they had someone they are not close to in their bridal party.


As a bride, do keep in mind that even though you may not be close to your bridesmaid, the wedding is about you and your fiancé, not your bridal party, a lot of people tend to forget this. Picking bridesmaids can be tricky, especially when relationships change. But above the dress and the pictures, they are there to support you and your fiancé.

Do whatever you feel is best, it is your wedding. But rescinding that invite does go against wedding etiquette. Keep things as it is if you do not want to hurt anybody’s feelings. Imagine how she will feel. She is probably really thrilled and honored to be apart of your bridal party. This will probably make your list of Top 10 Most Awkward Conversations.

There are possibilities that if you feel awkward about having them as a part of your wedding, the feeling is probably mutual. In this case, communicate that you wish to keep your bridal party intimate and thank her for willing to be a part of your day. Do not uninvited her altogether, ask if she will be willing to help out with some things for the wedding, maybe this will give you two a chance to become closer. This way, they still feel involved and do not go through the financial and emotional responsibility of being a bridesmaid.

Do not forget that you’re having a wedding for your and your fiancé, everything else is a bonus. If you are a bride-to-be and are deciding who should be in your bridal party, consider those that played an essential part in your life. Take your time and make this decision.