Managers tend to cocoon themselves in a business dream world. What they believe in is inherent employee competition and they rely on consumer rational evaluation. In reality however, employees are worn down and weary most of the time and most just slog on for the bi-monthly pay cheque, and customers purchase products based on brand loyalty and emotion. The solution to this incentive events.

Incentive events are events that are meant to be interactive. There must be an engaging method to inspire employee morale and consumer interest. Having stimulating revivals will incite an organization’s audience to evangelize new customers via telemarketing and such. Successful incentive events are statistically associated with higher sales, greater profit margins, new products and services, and customer loyalty. If these events are used properly, there are an effective tool for provoking imagination, stimulating success and renewing loyalty. To be as successful event manager for an incentive event, you must capture and then amplify these attributes.

The event should be short, maybe an hour or two, and to properly plan for that relatively short time, planning could begin a year before the event date. As you begin to prepare for the event, ask what is the reason for the incentive event? And what must be the theme. Knowing the purpose of the activity will direct the rest of the event, whether it is loss of morale, new product launch, or customer loyalty, and a winsome theme will engage the attendees.

Be sure to abide by the 3 E’s of managing an event, that is, entertainment, excitement and enterprise, and focusing on the first two. To set the mood, performing acts like a DJ, comedian, hypnotist or others are critical. If you are having a motivation speaker, make sure they are selected carefully and reviewed. Ensure there is a lighthearted, excited atmosphere.

Not all presentations must be hype, though to stimulate long-term motivation, have a keynote business executive present a plan of achievement. Make sure to prepare and test all audiovisual equipment for a seamless speech. It is a great idea to present employee recognition awards. These glided wooden examples with engraved plaques will allow employees to see the event as legitimate impetus, rather than propaganda.

And of course, what is a party without any food? It is important that refreshing treats, snacks, delicacies and beverages are arranged, and make sure you do not run out, that will be frustrating. Ask for RSVPs and set up a registration desk at the entrance for employees to sign in and get name tags if provided. Use the registration and RSVP rosters to follow up the event by emailing the employees, sincerely inquiring about their experience and see if they have any suggestions as well. If there is not a follow up, the event was merely a subsidized business party masquerading as an incentive event.