Team building events develop and motivate teams in companies and corporations. They are great for every company and its divisions, not just in motivating their staff but to develop real teams. One of the most popular of the team building exercises is the Ropes course. The exercises range from walking on rope few feet of the ground to trusting your teammates to catch you when you fall, and they have been used by many corporations to motivate their employees to be able to work well in a team. Even the jobs that we consider to be isolated requires some team work. For example computer programmers must be able to work with their colleagues in order to ensure their systems are functioning well. And accountants are not always crunching numbers in their office, they will need to present the numbers to managers to determine budgeting needs. Here are some of the advantages of using team building exercises for employee motivation.
#1. They build trust

For example you are scaling a fence and are dependent on the people in your team to keep you steady, you will be able to learn faster knowing that they are trustworthy. The most important thing about team building exercises is that you must know that you can depend on those in your team.

#2. They build relationships

In most working environments, employees have little interaction time with each other and do not get to know their colleagues. This is because they are always sitting behind a desk in an office. These exercises creates a chance for employees to chat about their lives, and these events usually start with each of the participants telling more about themselves to the rest of the group.
#3. They build morale

It is very likely that the employees will love to spend a day out of the office, participate in some activates and enjoy them. This makes the return back to work exciting because they are excited about their participation in the activities and will want to share their stories from the event with their colleagues.

#4. They increase productivity

To get the job done at work, an energized and excited work force is needed. This is opposed to having a work force that does not like their job and does not have faith in the company they work for or their colleagues.
When planning a team building exercise, it should be successful. Therefore when planning, the
employees’ physical abilities and interests must be taken into consideration. Here are a few guidelines:
Though the ropes course is one of the most popular exercises for team building, it is not exactly for everyone. Computer programmers for example might lack the physical ability to be able to do some of the stringent climbing exercises in the course. However, the course can be adapted. There are exercises of course that don’t include physical activity and yet they will build trust and camaraderie.
Some exercises, like the ropes course for example requires an outdoor venue. Some town have spaces especially set up for this purpose. But if your area does not have a place for such purposes, the event could be hosted in another city. If this is the case, travel costs must be considered and how employees will be compensated for their time. But if the activities you plan on doing are just simple indoor activities, they can be hosted in a convention hall or even in your office.
Do not get too consumed in the event and forget that in this economic downturn costs must be taken into consideration. Keep in mind that productivity decreases if several of the employees are away from work and at the exercise. If the employees will be taken to another location for the activities, account for costs on beverages, food and renting the venue. However, no matter how much your company needs to have team building exercises, if you cannot afford the costs, you may have to reconsider the event.
Set goals. If you hope to see productivity increase after the team building exercises, determine how much of an increase you want. You can choose if you let your employees know the goals. Especially if you invested money in sponsoring the team building exercises, you will want to see are turn on your investment.


One of the things when hosting this event that can be forgotten easily is setting goals. If what you want is increased productivity, determine how much of an increase your company needs. When your goals are set, you can let your employees know about that goal. You will want to see returns on your investment after sponsoring the event. Every business faces an employee motivation challenge and the ropes course is popular for this. Employees will love a fun event and the physical challenge. This allows workers to return to work focused and will appreciate the opportunity of spending a day with their colleagues.