Picture your wedding day and a guest decides to make a speech and ends it with getting down on one knee and holding a ring instead of raising a glass to toast your wedding. As soon as the guest realizes what is going on, they would ensue shrieks and the attention has been deviated from the newly wed. This scenario happens more than you would believe. Here are 3 things anyone must do if they are thinking of proposing at someone else’s wedding.

proposing at someone else wedding

  1. Speak to the couple who’s wedding you will be attending and clear it out so they know what you are planning. If they are hesitant in any way, you should reconsider. If they politely say it is okay, it may not be a good sign. Follow up with the groom-to-be a couple of days later after him and his fiancé have had time to talk about it and then you will know how the bride-to-be feels about it.
  2. If the couple is thrilled by the idea and agrees, that is great. But do wait till the very end of the wedding to do so and avoid your proposal stealing the show from the newlyweds. You could pop the question after the bouquet toss or before the last dance.
  3. Try to feel out how the person you want to propose to will feel about this. Solicit help from her friends and they could bring up the idea of someone proposing at someone else’s wedding in a conversation, so they can suss out how she feels about the idea. She could find it romantic or She could prefer a more intimate proposal, not associated with someone else’s happy occasion. If this is how she feels, then scratch that idea entirely.