Golf used to be an exclusive gentleman’s game and it has now evolved to an affordable public pastime. It is available to anyone that can buy a set of clubs and golf balls they are guaranteed to loose in a couple of days. Golf is a popular trend and an educated event manager must understand how to manage golf tournaments.

The objective of the tournament but be established first, whether it is a fundraiser or an exhibition, or is it business or recreation related. A golfer caliber is highly important as it will decide course selection, market approach and decide golfer handicap. Selecting a course will be affected by crowd size and probable celebrity guests. A course can be selected and inspected carefully once the type of tournament has been decided upon. This entails its own conditions which include course rental, crowd regulations, general insurance, hole-in-one insurance and such.

To subsidize the event sponsors must be invited. As much as a cult sport golf is, sponsors will be eager to have the opportunity to advertise, and advertising works wonders. The sponsors will be around and volunteers should come running too. Volunteers can assist in registration, maintaining and cleaning the site, setting up portable bathrooms and concession stands and such. The more that attend the event, the merrier because this is an opportunity to market. Golf shops or magazines can be used to advertise. If it is a fundraising event, this is the most important factor in the event’s success.

Security is a preeminent concern even though golf is not renowned for wild, unruly mobs. For safety measures, a crowd control force and medical services equipped with two-way radios should be stationed on the course.

Having a professional photographer will be great to capture memorable moments to present to their respective winners. These photos can be printed and framed with the sponsor’s logo.

Every tournament needs a knowledgeable emcee to add expertise and spice to the event. Therefore you should hire one.

It is very easy to forget that to host a golf tournament golf equipment is needed. Rent clubs, bags, gloves, balls and other assorted necessities, and if possible, insure the equipment.

After all that planning, please make sure you do not forget to enjoy the tournament.