Having a morning wedding could be a great concern. And hosting a wedding is a delicate balancing act for making things comfortable not just for your guests but the host too.

morning wedding


  • Having a morning wedding during the weekend is an option if you want to save on costs. If you or your partner is paying for the bill and is on a tight budget, a daytime wedding can allow their funds to stretch than a night wedding would.
  • Venues are more available for daytime weddings
  • Vendors are more agreeable to offer higher value if the frame time of the wedding isn’t competing with another wedding that they have the opportunity to book.
  • Costs of menus are far less expensive for brunch or lunch than they would be for a dinner menu.
  • Tear-down fees of decorators may be lower since workers do not need to work until the wee hours of the morning, and at a premium rate.
  • The wedding party will end early and allow everyone to recuperate. If you have guests that came for your wedding from other countries, they will get the chance to tour the hosted city or get back to their routine sooner if the wedding ends early.
  • Daylight hours are best for taking photos, compared to taking photos after dark with a flash
  • The major perk of a morning wedding is that is cost effective. Another of the costs you will be saving on will be lighting costs, which can be an expensive proposition.
  • Daytime weddings are more casual than weddings held in the evening. This will feel like a more intimate experience for your guests. For that, the setting demands simpler table-scape, with low flower arrangements, saving you more costs.